Poem: “A Postcard From Whitby” by Duncan Bremner-Senogles

Here we come Whitby we chanted on our way
We’re making the trip to Whitby
To the town, Staithes and Robin Hood’s Bay
The usual suspects, Sarah’s friend Paul, me and May

Arriving in the town we went to the harbour to see the ships
But first lets have us fish and chips
We’ll hurry up the steps to Dracula whilst looking at the map
That’s if the dog obliges and doesn’t need a crap

Our accommodation I have to say is grim
In my room is me, Mark and Tim
Oh well at least we’re out in the day
Hey tomorrow we’re off to Robin Hood’s Bay

Finally there is some information that I really must impart
And this my friend is something that comes from the heart
We’ve all had great fun – of that there was no fear
But only one thing was missing – wish that YOU were here! xx