Poem: “The River” by Duncan Bremner-Senogles

The river glistens with the sun’s kind caress
It’s a natural jewel
Carrying life
Offering life
Giving strength to the trees
Flowing through the meadows and colouring them green
Birds bathe
Animals drink
Children play
Fish swim
Pyrite lies on the river’s bed
Makes those wishing to exploit nature feel foolish
Offering life to all within its reach
Without discrimination
But not to be pushed or manipulated
Teasing those on a mission
A vital vein on life
Everyone is an equal
All kneel before it and pay homage to it
Begging for nutrition and renewal
In places it is deep, dark and mysterious
Elsewhere it is shallow, transparent and warm
With great variety it contains many ingredients
It offers many surprises, many risks
It is part of life